Kevin Dwyer

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Kevin Dwyer

Kevin Dwyer is a Cork photographer and best selling author. His book, IRELAND: Our Island Home, is currently on submission.

This beautiful book of photographs will be of interest to anyone who aspires to have Irish family roots.

Kevin Dwyer was born in County Cork. His business career was marketing based and started in the textile industry. He became a buyer of fashion photography and over a ten year period learned how and why commercial photographs were taken.

Some years in the banking world gave him the necessary financial skills to set up his own business in Cork. The business started with photography of textiles and crafts, then developed into design of brochures for the photographs he had taken. His photography expanded into tourism and subsequently the business sector for corporate company profiles.

His first aerial photographic commission was in 1989 and led the business into the high end of the property market and infrastructural developments which were just commencing in Ireland at that time.

With an interest in sailing from his teen years, Kevin has indulged himself with aerial photography of the Irish coastline and inland waterways.

Kevin has published three books: IRELAND: Our Island Home which reached third position and was in the Irish best sellers for six weeks, IRELAND: The Inner Island and Dwyer’s Ireland – A View From Above.

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