Maureen M Gavan

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Maureen M Gavan began writing at age five. Early honors included the NCTE Achievement Award in Writing, newspaper editorships, and student leadership. Her early career in journalism earned an Emmy® Award for investigative reporting; business and entrepreneurial successes span sales, leadership, training, consultancy, and nonprofit advocacy.
Known worldwide as The Brain Whisperer, Maureen is a published and self-published author, poet and photographer, and award-winning speaker, consultant, and learning facilitator. In all, she is a passionate advocate for families living with brain disease, women’s and human rights, animals, and Mother Nature.
As The Love Whisperer, Máirín helps people around the world find hope, healing, and help via her decades-long practice of psychic Mediumship. Coming soon, writing as Máirín Ní Gabhain: The Astonished Medium, a collection of inspirational stories and empowering Love and Life Lessons Máirín’s clients (and she) have learned during Readings. Real stories and real feedback proving:
Love IS – both sides of Heaven!™
“I Read by … Compellment. I write in search of a singular story in the rare ‘sweet spot’ between contemporary and literary fiction. I do both – and make up words every day – because I cannot not.”
†Yes, she’s a Medium – and so are you. If you want to ask about that, you’ll find INFJ & Gemini Máirín/Maureen writing and Reading in Chicago, Yorkshire, Mayo … and “wherever Love is.”