Cat Hogan

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We have another Wexfordian on our list! Cat Hogan is the author of They All Fall Down, a commercial fiction/psychological thriller which was picked up by Poolbeg Press and was published in July 2016. The story is based on the idea that love and obsession really are two sides of the same coin, and depending on the perspective it is coming from, it can become a beautiful thing, or a thing of destruction. The story is set in a fishing village in Co.Wexford, Ireland. It’s a dark tale of the struggle between Jen and Scott over their love for Andy- and the ripple effect it has. Cat has worked for many years in the hospitality industry training hotel management. She earned a bachelors degree in business from Galway Mayo Institute of Technology as well as an honors degree in law from Carlow Institute of Technology. When she is not bringing her imaginary friends to life, she offers a freelance writing service to business start-ups. And she has just taken a seat on the Board of Management for the Focal Literary Festival in Wexford. Cat is deep into her second novel, another dark tale and has already outlined book three, which could be the follow up to They All Fall Down. This will be published by Poolbeg as well.