Ian Hughes

Ian Hughes

Dr. Ian Hughes

Ian Hughes’s career has spanned scientist, government science policy advisor, and writer. His curiosity and passion for knowledge cross the boundaries of the natural, social and political sciences. Having graduated with a PhD in atomic physics, Ian worked in some of the top research laboratories in Europe and the United States where he researched the exotic properties of matter on the smallest scale. As an academic he established a Department of Creative Technologies to explore the synergies between art and technology, and co-founded a program to bring together scientists and journalists to make science more accessible to the public.

His current job as advisor in science, technology and innovation policy for the Irish government explores how research in science can result in economic and social benefits for society. Ian has also trained in psychoanalysis, and has previously authored a major study on the effectiveness of democracy in Ireland.

In his new book, Disordered Minds, published by Zero Books, Ian brings together his training in science, psychology and political science to demonstrate how a small proportion of people with dangerous personality disorders cause most of the suffering in our world.

To learn more about Ian, please visit his website www.disorderedworld.com which was recently short-listed in the Top 10 Political Blogs in Ireland. You can also follow Ian on Twitter at @disorderedworld 

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