Rory Hafford


Rory Hafford

Rory has trained doctors in  the art of communication for the past ten years.  He has worked for some of the leading organizations in Ireland, including RTE (Radio/Television Ireland), Irish Medical Times,  and Carr Communications. Educated to doctorate level, he has just completed a four year program of study with the College of Naturopathic Medicine where he specialized in acupuncture.

He has written three books:

Killing the Magpie – an investigation into the synergy between complementary therapies and orthodox medicine – dealing with port wine stains in children.  All of the proceeds went to funding treatment for this condition.

Man Trap – the result of a 2 year research project into the viability of introducing a prostate screening program into Ireland. Medical Communications – a book that takes doctors through all the crucial steps in their career in a simple, understandable and memorable way. Tracy helped to organize a program in which Rory was the guest speaker at the Univeristy of Notre Dame’s Hillebrand Center for Compassionate Care in Medicine. His focus was on “The Art of Connecting with Your Patients:  New Techniques and Insights into how Empathy Heals in Healthcare.”.