Adele O’Neill

Adele O'Neill

Adele O’Neill

Adele O Neill is a writer from County Wicklow, Ireland. Her first book,  Brothers and Sisters  is a character driven story of survival, buried pasts and unwavering sibling loyalty. Alternating between life in the 1970’s and the present day, the story gently unravels a host of dark family secrets thread by thread making the reader question whether they would do the same for the ones they love.

She has a particular fondness for both reading and writing fiction that is realistic and relatable and is currently working on her second book,  Safe Distance,  a suspenseful saga of secrets, lies, violence and love. What would you do if the person you loved wasn’t who they said they were?

Adele is a board member of the Wexford Literary Festival and divides her time between writing her second novel and proactively working towards a wonderful Literary Festival in Wexford in 2017.

She lives overlooking the Irish Sea with her husband and two teenage daughters.